Service Philosophy

Our firm's goal is to obtain the most favorable result for you within the bounds of the law and professional and business ethics.

When you retain our firm, it is essential that we all have a clear understanding of the nature and extent of the work we are authorized to perform for you.  During our initial consultation, we will discuss your legal situation, your desires, the options available, and the services required to accomplish your goals.

If, as the work progresses, there are unexpected developments which result in a longer time period or greater expense than anticipated, we will tell you when we recognize this.

The relationship between you and your lawyer requires complete trust and confidence.  This means all information or communication from you to us will remain completely confidential.

While it is desirable to be able to meet each person who contacts us with questions face-to-face, this is not always possible.  Therefore, we offer telephone and e-mail consultations.  These usually require an advance appointment and the faxing or emailing in advance of copies of important documents to be considered at the consultation.  Payment for telephone and email consultations is made by credit card or deposit in our bank account.