Privacy Policy

Client information is collected from various sources:

    ∙    From firm questionnaires related to the matters of the case, and supporting documentation provided by the client.

    ∙    Provided by the client during personal or phone meetings with the Attorney.

    ∙    From the Immigration service, National Records Center or Border Patrol by FOIA request.

    ∙    From the case file that is created when a contract is signed and an initial deposit is made.

When an Attorney-Client relationship is formed, your information (Public and Nonpublic) is not disclosed to any person or parties, except as required by law or to facilitate communication concerning your case with appropriate federal officers and contract personnel we encounter within the various agencies and institutions having responsibility for U.S. Immigration proceedings.  Upon completion of your case, your case file will be returned to you or disposed of properly.  

Access to your information is restricted to the employees working on your case.

Your privacy is important.  Please trust that protecting your information is equally important.  Please call if you have any questions.