Why We Practice Immigration Law and What Our Get Visas® Immigration Blog Will Contain

Two questions guide our practice of immigration law at Froman Law Firm: First, “Can we make a difference in people’s lives?”  Second, “Can we improve the practice of our profession?”  

In this dual pursuit we will share on this page from time to time our thoughts, discoveries, arguments, and stories with the hope that some of them will resonate with other individuals and practitioners who are confronting similar issues or situations.  We expect our blog posts to cover a broad range of issues that we encounter through our law practice.  Some articles may be heart-warming, others controversial, still others detailing emerging views of law or procedure.  We hope that they may inspire, stimulate thought, inform, or encourage our readers.  Though we have chosen a one-way format to start, we are open to dialogue by email and will respond as we are able.  Attorney Lauren Gonzalez and I are separated by age, gender, and years of experience, so we will offer our own differing perspectives.  Nevertheless, we are both dedicated to high standards within our profession and to living the answers to the two guiding questions above in helping our client companies and individuals succeed with their business and immigration needs.

With this in mind, my inaugural offering seeks to explore the mysterious realm of SVP (specific vocational preparation) codes as implemented by the O*NET JobZone classification system.  Business immigration practitioners understand the critical importance of SVP codes in establishing employment-based, second preference (EB2), advanced degree, education and experience qualifications normal to the occupation–particularly with the chronic waits experienced in the skilled worker and professionals (EB3) category.  Unfortunately, the chief authority analyzing JobZones to date, Matter of Wissen, Inc., 2009-PER-00405 (BALCA 2010), suffers from incomplete analysis, faulty logic, and self-contradiction.  

For this reason, I will offer in my next blog:  A Math Major’s Take on JobZones and Matter of Wissen, Inc.