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Remembering President Kennedy

Although I grew up in a Kansas Republican family, President Kennedy became a personal hero for me when he signed my Eagle Scout Certificate shortly after entering office.  This made Frau Mayfield’s whispered announcement two years later when she tardily entered our 5th hour German class at Fairfield High School with the news she had just heard in the front office, “The President has been shot!” all the more devastating.  At first we thought she was joking, because she had a quick wit and a wry sense of humor.  Her stricken look, however, belied that motive; she was deadly serious.  Usually

Letter to Congress on Undocumented Immigrants

Immigration reform requires assimilation and realistic employment visas rather than an enforcement-only approach, which treats the symptoms but ignores the human dimension of "illegal" immigration. The dominant religious heritage of this country calls upon us all to care for the alien, "because we were once aliens in Egypt."

Revised CSPA Flow Chart for § 203(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Three years after the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) badly mangled the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) section pertaining to over-21-year-old derivative beneficiaries of family preference petitions, § 203(h),  by finding the provision ambiguous, three Circuit Courts of Appeal have found the same statutory provision clear and unambiguous.  Two of the courts approved a second petition approach, but both suggested that the U.S.

A Math Major’s Take on JobZones and Matter of Wissen, Inc., by David Froman

As previewed in my previous post, this essay will explore the mysterious realm of SVP (specific vocational preparation) codes as implemented by the O*NET JobZone classification system.  Business Immigration practitioners have long understood the critical importance of SVP codes in establishing employment-based second preference (EB2) advanced degree education and experience qualifications normal to the occupation–particularly with the chronic waits experienced in skilled worker and professionals (EB3) category.  Unfortunately, the chief authority analyzing JobZones to date, Mat

Why We Practice Immigration Law and What Our Get Visas® Immigration Blog Will Contain

Two questions guide our practice of immigration law at Froman Law Firm: First, “Can we make a difference in people’s lives?” Second, “Can we improve the practice of our profession?”